The Astra Tablebase by Estudio Cerisola is a testament to their commitment to timeless craftsmanship and harmonious design. With an innovative assembly system that embraces antiprismic, upside-down symmetry and three support points on each side, this table showcases both uniqueness and structural integrity. Astra is expertly crafted from solid wood, designed to accommodate a stone or transparent glass tabletop of up to 140 cm in diameter, this table offers practicality alongside its striking aesthetics. Pair two tables together for a gathering of eight, as it easily supports rectangular or oval surfaces. The versatile Astra table enhances any space with its stability and aesthetic appeal.

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2019
Dimensions: 75 cm x 70.8 cm x 79.7 cm / 29.5 in x 27.9 in x 31.4 in
Material: Tzalam wood