The NARCISO center table draws inspiration from the homonymous Greek myth of Narcissus who, in love with his own image and seeing it reflected in a pond, ended up throwing himself into the waters to chase it.

Estudio Cerisola digged in this Universal Myth that deals with the act of reflection, the reflection and the reflected itself, to create a piece that is, at the same time, the pond, its crystalline waters and the flower that emerged as a result of this tragedy.

A piece conformed by a modular structure of stainless steel petals of three different sizes, symmetrically welded around a central axis conforming a perfect circle. The geometric system of NARCISO is based on a twelve sided antiprism constructed by pieces of polished stainless steel so that the material, previously opaque, ends up having a mirror like finish that allows it to coalesce with its surroundings.

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2018
Mirror Edition: Limited to 50 pieces
Dimensions: Ø 100 cm x 25 cm / Ø 39 in x 9.8 in
Material: Polished stainless steel
Price: $ 5,525.00 USD