Unique artwork made in collaboration between Estudio Cerisola and Colombian glass artist and artisan, Luisa Restrepo.

Technology, mathematical exploration and the most intricate artisanal work meet in one of the most celebrated projects of Estudio Cerisola.

Outdoor fun guaranteed for kids and adults. Some of the most daring conversations have happened on top of the changuero under the light of the stars.

Estudio Cerisola’s well known geometric studies applied to artisanal Oaxacan rugs. A piece made in collaboration with Zapotec artist, rug creator and family tradition keeper, Josefina Ruiz.

A collaborative and solidarity work created with the internationally acclaimed artist Laila Hotait.

One of the pioneer exhibitions in Mexico where Art met design with artists and designers such Hector Esrawe and Sol Lewitt among others.

Divider produced in collaboration with Mexico based, Cuban artist Raúl Cordero.

Estudio Cerisola’s replica of Pierre Jeanneret’s iconic design shines at “100 Years of Swiss Design” exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City