Technology, mathematical exploration and the most intricate artisanal work meet in one of the most celebrated projects of Estudio Cerisola.

Come closer, look deeper.
This stunning and elaborate art work is solely made by simple clothing hangers (perchas in Spanish).

A mixture of materials conform a robust geometric artwork with infinite possibilities to display.

Emblematic wooden and larger than life piece of Estudio Cerisola that has been part of our Studio furniture since its establishment in Mexico City offices.

This Cardboard piece with an unpronounceable name that refers to this complex yet simple geometry, is the final outcome of one of the several workshops our founder and Senior Designer, Pedro Cerisola, has lead.

Series of modular and replicable sculptures based on the Platonics systems.

Based on one of the most profound Archimedean solids, this structure is composed of 62 faces.

A series of studies on the application of different geodesic polyhedron in aluminium and its different application possibilities.