Perchaedro / Clothing Hangers Triacontahedron

This piece was born as a result of the constant experimentation by Pedro Cerisola with new materials and possibilities.

To create new products and ways of relating with overseen materials and objects, is a challenge that Art and artists have taken very seriously since the sixties, with currents like Arte Povera departing from the reuse and resignification of everyday objects or materials.

Pedro Cerisola wanted to emulate this same tradition but in the production of an industrial design piece.

The result of this quest is a sculpture that can be used as a lamp or serve a number of other purposes that, since its first exhibition, has proven to be fascinating to those who have seen it demonstrating us to be an important design path to be explored.

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2017
Dimensions: Ø 160cm
Material: Steel rings, hangers