A sleek yet innovative assembly system featuring three support points on each side. The Astra table is a testament to Estudio Cerisola’s commitment to timeless craftsmanship and harmonious design.

Born from the desire to create a toroidal figure using minimal solid wood modules, resulting in a design masterpiece that merges science and craftsmanship.


Drawing inspiration from the prehispanic ball game, the Ulama Table is a sculptural masterpiece that pays tribute to Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.


A  table base that seamlessly blends the inherent beauty of marble with fluidity and mathematical intrigue.


Explore the innovative use of ceramic modules in furniture, unveiling new possibilities and approaches in form and construction.

Inspired by the fringes of traditional Spanish flamenco dresses, FLAMENCA features an abstract and subtle geometric construction that reflects our commitment to exceptional design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Inspired by the Greek myth of Narcissus and the human obsession with self-reflection, the NARCISO is a geometric abstraction of the narcissus flower.

The unique use of lava stone, brass and glass imbues the table with a remarkable fusion of robustness and delicacy.

Successor to the TORO G10, this table is a simplified yet sculptural statement piece, embodying Estudio Cerisola’s innovative design approach and commitment to experimentation.

Inspired by the geometric principles of the octahedron, each modular piece of Bugambilias unveils this figure’s inherent versatility.

Hipocampo is the enchanting multifunctional rocking toy designed by Estudio Cerisola. This remarkable piece combines playfulness in three different functions.

Babel is designed as a vertical garden, allowing you to arrange up to 42 pots in a harmonious and visually captivating manner.