An extraordinary yet minimal assembly system with three points of support on each side.

Toro G10 came to be while looking for a way to construct a toroidal figure from assembled solid wood modules.


Using ceramic modules for its construction, Pedro Cerisola discovers new approaches to apply this singular form into the design of daily objects.

Inspired by the fringes that adorn the popular Spanish flamenco dress, this piece is an abstract subtle geometric construction trademark of Estudio Cerisola.

Inspired by the homonymous Greek myth of Narcissus, this piece is conformed by a modular structure of hand polished stainless steel petals.

Naui pays tribute to its main material: lava stone and this work translates Estudio Cerisola’s continuous exploration of modular structures.

A successor to the iconic Toro G10, with a more simple approach, shares similar experimental conception of materials and production methods.

Bugambilias can be embellishing or functional, presented individually or as a complex modular construction allowing for playful reconfiguration.

Multifunctional and convertible toy furniture. It can be used as a rocking toy, a balance board and when unfolded it becomes a rocking chair for kids to relax.

Babel was designed as a RTA vertical garden for small urban spaces, this plant stand can hold up to 42 pots.