Toro G10

TORO G 10 is the original low table from which FLAMENCA and TORO G6 have originated. A sculptural piece of furniture that forms part of a wide modular system developed by Estudio Cerisola.

TORO is the final result of a process that incorporates scientific and sculptural aspects to design.

TORO came to be while looking for a way to construct a toroidal figure from the least number of assembled solid wood modules. After a thorough study of several geometric figures and the construction of physical mockups and 3D models, in order to explore their modular characteristics, the structure of TORO was conformed by the repetition of only three different figures. The resulted pieces are used to build two types of modules that form a toroid when they are joined alternatively with each other, ten times around a central axis.

All pieces are cut from a single board of certified tzalam wood and the assembly of the modules, the polishing of each part and the finish, in natural oil, is carried out manually.

The glass surface helps preserve the sculptural qualities of the piece. Its transparency creates a floating area contained within the wooden structure that allows the user to appreciate the beauty of the the material and the patterns generated by its veins and joinery.

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2018
Edition: Limited to 50 pieces
Dimensions: Ø 130 cm x 35 cm / Ø 51 in x 13.8 in
Material: Tzalam wood


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Copyright © 2019 Pedro Cerisola / All rights reserved. Sitemap.