The NAUI center table is a sculptural piece of furniture that pays tribute to its main material: lava stone and this work translates Estudio Cerisola’s continuous design experimentation into the exploration of modular structures.

The materiality of both lava stone and glass embody in this piece the seemingly opposing spirits of robustness and delicacy. Each module is carved manually from a monolithic piece of lava stone.

NAUI is the product of a challenge conforming an innovative circular structure with a single modular shape manifesting the dynamic understanding of Geometry throughout Estudio Cerisola’s work.

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2019
Dimensions: 116cm x 107cm x 21 cm / 45.6 in x 42.1 in x 8.3 in
Material: Lava stone, brass
Price: $ 5,525.00 USD