Canica Toy Lab

In Canica we respect the principles of design that encourage the preservation of our environment. In the production of our toys our process are ecologically responsible, safe and sustainable.  “Trough our toys we instill the respect for ecology in order to, together, crate sustainable societies”.

Trough our products we want to share the values and the spirit of our company. We believe that through the election of our materials, the production process and the design we can contribute to the imagination of new generations and to promote their intellectual, physical and creative development..

Toys can become our most beloved objects.  The intense moments we live when we play are unforgettable, that’s why we hope that our designs will help to children’s development as well as provide them with instant joy and for life.


Collection of toy animals designed for Canica Toy Lab made of birch plywood.

The extremities of all the Animanes are held magnetically making the pieces interchangeable between the figures, so that children can create their own fantastic creatures.


The incredible Africa is the motherland of human beings, it is also home to thousands of large and small animals that take refuge and get their food from its rich waters, its enormous and strong sun, and its kind people. The CANICA advice: don’t miss the chance of discovering Africa.

America and Europe

Thousands of years ago, continents were connected. North America was next from what is now Europe.

Latin America and Africa were a single stretch of land. That is why the American and European continents contain almost all habitats and ecosystems inhabited by the most amazing animals.

There are temperate and tropical  rainforests, as well as immense plains and deserts. The CANICA advice: visit them all.


If you travel to any point in Asia or Oceania, you’ll find some of the most breathtaking deserts and forests you’ll ever see.

In our habitats, thousands of animals run, jump, and live happily. In some of the countries that comprise these two continents animals are so beloved that they have gained important roles in human societies.


We live beyond the clouds, in the CANICA constellation, and only come out when we are dreamt. Our planet is called Vaidiria and it has three moons.

We’re not evil, but rather quite sweet bugs. We love playing, having fun, flying and spitting fire from our mouths… We are all both different and alike each other.


Who told you we became extinct and we are nothing more than fossils? Who told you that a glacier wiped us out after 160 million years on the Earth? Who told you those legends? Surely someone who doesn’t know that CANICA has brought us back to life and we are here to stay.

Piggy Banks

Belly, belly, put lots of coins inside my belly.
Here is where I keep my millions.