Nature seems to be inspiring the forms of his designs, but in his case, it is the study and application of geometric systems which lead to results that resemble the forms of nature.

In order to generate a minimal environmental impact, Cerisola exclusively uses certified or ecological materials and finishes. In addition to this, his manufacturing processes, transportation and storage are optimized by making most of his pieces RTA ( Ready to assemble ).


Official Selection, Inédito, DWM 2016

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2016
Dimensions: Ø 130 cm / Ø 51.2 in
Material: Laminated birch plywood
Assembly: RTA
Price: $ 3,250.00 USD

Piece based on the rhombic triacontahedron, one of the solids described by the Belgian mathematician Eugène Catalan in 1965, and directly related to the archimedean solid, the icosidodecahedron.

The center of the figure resembles a polyhedron of thirty equal sides, with two types of nodes: twenty with three outputs and twelve with five outputs. The nodes are connected, one to one, in series of 3/5/3/5 around each light output.