Platonics / Solid Platonic Constructions

Tetrahedron in Valchromat

A similar to a triangular pyramid structure constructed in valchromat, a wood fibre panel which is coloured throughout and engineered for high physical performance.

Tetrahedron in Walnut

A convincing evidence of why less is more also in Geometry. A study of platonic shapes in elegant walnut. — Tear sheet

Tetrahedron in Tzalam

Tzalam is a unique kind of wood from Mexican Caribbean with a uniform texture, with heartwood light to medium brown color and hints of red and brown that render every piece made with it into an absolute delight.

Hexahedron in Tzalam

A six faces polyhedron constructed with the unique Mexican Caribbean wood, Tzalam. — Tear sheet


A six face polyhedron constructed in MDF.

Dodecahedron Poplar

This twelve flat faced polyhedron can accommodate in almost any corner and beautify it. — Tear sheet