Todo es Perfecto

Todo es Perfecto points to modern utopias generated by movements that have integrated, as a pillar and foundation of their practice, premises and ideals that involve the inclusion of art in everyday life mainly through design.

During the same period, the instrumentalization of art began to be validated through the production of utilitarian objects, always with an artistic intention and with the purpose of establishing the bases for both contemplative and critical reflections in a continuous and organic manner.

The exhibition does not focus solely on the relationship between art and design, but presents objects that exist in intermediate and hybrid spaces of art with other disciplines besides design, also questioning the identity and boundaries between one and the other, beyond the utility that your categorization may have.

The conscious interface between art and other disciplines has roots in Russian constructivism and other avant-gardes of the 20th century, which responded to new forms of production from that time, which caused displacements between the then autonomous sphere of art and industrial production in design and other areas.

The artists and designers that have been included in the exhibition are the following: Will Berry, Santiago Borja, Pedro Cerisola, Edgar Clément, Déjate Querer, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy, Laila Hotait, La Carpinteria MX, Aurelia Medina, Edgar Orlaineta, Sebastián Romo, Sol Lewitt, Rodolfo Samperio.

Text by Sandra Cerisola