Toro G6

The TORO G6 low center table is a successor to the award-winning and sculptural table TORO G10. Smaller in dimensions, shares a similar experimental conception of materials and production methods.

TORO G6 came to be while looking for a way to construct a toroidal figure from assembled solid wood modules. The final structure is conformed by two types of manually polished modules, each assembled alternatively six times around a central axis, constructing a toroid.

The transparent elegant glass surface helps to preserve the sculptural qualities of the piece allowing the user to appreciate the beauty of the natural material and the patterns generated by its veins and joinery.


TORO G6 is available in poplar, tzalam and walnut wood.

Designer: Pedro Cerisola
Year: 2018
Dimensions: Ø 94 cm x 29 cm / Ø 11.4 in x 37in
Material: Tzalam wood
Price: $ 650.00 USD